The Wellcome Collection on the importance of being kind

May 28, 2020
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While the campaign for Mental Health Awareness week ended on Sunday 24th May, mental health awareness and support is needed all year long, especially in these unforeseen circumstances...

The pandemic has brought into sharp relief the importance of looking after oneself and one another.

We wanted to reflect on the things we do to be kind to others. Some of us are parents while working from home, some are dealing with the loss a loved one or trying to keep sane in the middle of the biggest health crisis in recent history. We are all facing different levels of stress sometimes leaving little time to take part on a big volunteering project. But remember: Acts of kindness do not have to be grand gestures. There are lots of small thing we can do to help others. Kindness has an amazing, positive effect on others and our own lives. So please don’t forget to reach out and show some kindness to the person next to you or close to you by making sure to maintain 2m distance.

The Wellcome Collection team are calling clients to have a chat to check in to see how they are doing and using this opportunity to discuss what they think the future of events looks like and how we as a venue can work together with event organisers to support our events industry. During this time, we are also talking to our suppliers, contractors and service partners checking in on them, our head chef is sharing weekly recipes to try at home.

We are also making necessary arrangements to give you the assurance of your safety and mental wellness while attending forthcoming events at our Collection. Follow our social media pages to know more.

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For more information about Mental Health week check:

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The Wellcome Collection on the importance of being kind – Funky Venues