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April 23, 2020
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The Wellcome Collection are keeping event organisers connected digitally with its venue in a whole host of ways…

During these current unprecedented times caused through COVID-19, event organisers may be facing difficulties in finding the right venue for their future events. One that meets their event specifications and speaking to venue teams for dimensions, capacities and looking at images of the space can simply not always be enough. At the moment where you can’t visit the space to see the areas to visualise the event and to fill in the gaps to all the unanswered questions, at Wellcome Collection we have created a virtual tour to help solve that.

A virtual tour is a great way to visit the venue and through this, event organisers have the opportunity to come on in and delve into our mesmerising venue, to visualise our breath-taking exhibition spaces and our modern conference centre, upgraded with cutting edge technology to offer worldwide live streaming and video conferencing options. Our Virtual Tour offers 360⁰ images in 3D format. It is unbelievably realistic, Just the way we last saw it before we closed for lockdown and the team can also offer a site visit with you using the virtual tour.

We would like to continue highlighting our hidden treasures in our fabulous Reading Room and Being Human Exhibition and these can be viewed in our virtual tour. There will be nothing but amazement at the end of your tour.  All of which can then be shown in reality to our clients and their guests during the event. The only way to work this out is by understanding if we can blend into your event specification.

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