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Your wedding at Wasing Park

June 11, 2019
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Book a showround on 7th July to discover why Wasing Park is as unique as you...

Wedding ceremonies are symbolic of partnership, unity and devotion. The intricacies of this symbolism differ dependent on culture and beliefs and, as a consequence, every marriage ceremony is entirely unique and personal.

The water lily embodies various meanings to many cultures and religions. Buddhists regard the water lily as a symbol of enlightenment, while to Egyptians it is a representation of sun, rebirth and unity. Much like a wedding ceremony, each bloom is unique.

As the birth flower of July, the water lily is the perfect inspiration for Wasing Park’s showround event on 7th July.

The event will offer couples the chance to discover Wasing Park, a beautiful listed private wedding venue at the heart of Wasing Estate in Aldermaston.

Whether you are wishing to marry amongst nature in the beautiful terrace gardens at the Victorian Summerhouse; the medieval church of St Nicolas or the contemporary floor to ceiling windowed Garden Room, explore the options that will make your ceremony, yours.

The Stables bar team will be offering a complimentary cocktail, inspired by the water lily and featuring estate grown garnishes.

7th July is the first in a new series of regular Sunday showround days aimed to give couples dedicated time to explore the venue and to speak at leisure with Wasing Park’s team of expert staff. The event is by appointment only, so make sure to call ahead to book your showround.

Future dates include September 29th and 30th, October 27th, November 17th and December 8th.

For further information and to book an appointment please click here or call 0118 907 0199.

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Your wedding at Wasing Park – Funky Weddings