“Eventive”, environmentally friendly and socially responsible events at Wasing

May 27, 2020
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The Wasing Estate in Berkshire is now offering a number of carbon neutral activities to their corporate customers...

Wasing’s events partner, Eventive, have a menu of carbon neutral activities including camp creation, outdoor cooking, treasure hunts and alternative musical workshops.

The beautiful 4,000-acre estate in Aldermaston, Berkshire, featuring parkland, woodland and lakes lends itself perfectly to outdoor activities and in a bid to preserve the estate they are now offering these activities to corporate clients.

Get your team together for some Nomadic Camp Creation and build a Gypsy “Bender” shelter campfire, before turning your hand to Gourmet Bush Cooking providing lunch for your group.

Sip nettle tea while trying your hand at cooking up a variety of gourmet wild foods including rabbit and venison or make your own flatbreads, pizzas, kebabs and stews.

Wasing’s new carbon neutral activities include the ever-popular Treasure Hunt which takes place around the fantastic grounds of the estate, and the traditional Team Challenge Event. 

For people looking for a more creative activity, the Drum and Rhythm Workshop is hugely enjoyable and focuses on team building, communication, creativity, relaxation and cooperation.

Eventive have replaced fossil fuel based activities with battery-powered, renewable energy vehicles such as the Off Road Segways which still provide the thrills, without the environmental damage.

For further information on all corporate activities available at Wasing email venue@wasing.co.uk.


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"Eventive", environmentally friendly and socially responsible events at Wasing – Funky Venues