Immune-Boosting Tips From Wasing Park’s Chef

September 17, 2020
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A visit to Wasing Park is a pleasure for all your senses...

On the long and winding drive it’s enchanting to see and hear the wildlife flying between woodland trees and skipping around the parkland. When attending an event at Wasing, be it a corporate event, retreat or wedding, the taste and smell of the delicious food never fails to surprise and delight.

Executive Chef, Stuart Tyler, and his in-house team are very versatile and cater for everyone’s needs. Most recently, he been working on immune-boosting menus featuring healthy foods that are good for the brain.

Eating well has never been so forefront in people’s minds than it is right now and consuming certain foods can support a healthy immune system and improve your overall wellbeing.

Food Inspiration

Ditch the sugar-filled crunchy nut cornflakes for a nutrient-rich breakfast like:
Local smoked trout with boiled eggs or Feta cheese, roasted peppers, watermelon, olives and vine tomatoes.

Swap your tea and biscuits for a healthy snack such as:
Chunky peanut butter on wedges of Granny Smith apple or Sriracha spiced popcorn.

There is more to salad than lettuce, tomato and cucumber. How about:
Puy lentils with baby artichokes and sun blushed tomatoes or Hermitage tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil vinaigrette.

Exchange your cheese sandwich and a packet of crisp for something to energise your brain. Try stuffed tacos with Teriyaki grilled salmon, kimchi, garlic mayonnaise and crispy shallots.

Try an alternative to your regular spaghetti bolognaise.
How about: Chilli, lime, ginger and soy sauce sautéed king prawns with Asian noodle salad and coriander salsa.

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