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Settings with a Story

February 23, 2017
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A greater number of people are hiring venues based not simply on their practicality, locality, or shallow-fried palatability but on their history. The story that comes with the setting...

Where better to celebrate a book launch or hold a brainstorming meeting than a cultural venue that characterises creativity? Here are some of our favourites.

A Victorian Novel

The ultimate draft is that of the Victoria & Albert Museum, or should we say the South Kensington Museum as it was initially named, or the Albert Museum as Queen Victoria wished to entitle it. Indeed, this SW area of museums, coupled with the Royal Albert Hall, even became known as Albertopolis in its constantly changing but consistently royal past.

The true story of this ‘extremely capacious handbag’ (Sir Roy Strong) dates back two thousand years and is an almost never-ending meandering of different narratives from the multiple artefacts on display.

It even set the scene for many cultural venues of the future, being the first to have a public restaurant (complete with first class, second class and working class menus), the first to display photographs as artefacts and the first to use gas lighting in the galleries, allowing evening openings.

And so the story continues to this day with exhibitions such as the current showing of Beatrix Potter’s London and private events where you can harness this majestic venue for your own milieu.

A Tudor Tale

Drapers’ Hall may seem like a simple name for a guild of textile fabric merchants. However, its full title is rather less succinct: The Master and Wardens and Brethren and Sisters of the Guild or Fraternity of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of the Mystery of Drapers of the City of London.

‘Mystery’ sounds extremely appealing to our modern ears and yet is derived from the Latin ‘misterium’ meaning professional skill. Although, we still like to think of the Drapers’ gloriously Grand Hall as slightly mystical with it’s Hogwartian charm.

While the first hall used for the members’ discussions and coordinations of business was in St Swithin’s Lane, the present hall is situated in Throgmorton Street. This house certainly has a rather strange story to tell having been the house of Thomas Cromwell and only made available for purchase from Henry VIII following his execution in July 1540. For the sum of approximately £1,200.

Tempted to devise your own drama? Find the perfect cultural conclusion for your event by visiting our Funky collective here.


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