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The Incredible Sea Creatures comes to The Lawrence Hall

June 28, 2018
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The Lawrence Hall will open its doors on 27 July – 30 August for the ground-breaking Sea Creatures...

The Lawrence Hall will open its doors on 27 July – 30 August for the ground-breaking Sea Creatures. This exhibition allows visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves by viewing incredible cross-sections of the animals including whales, penguins and Great White sharks, and get an up-close glimpse of their complex organs. The painstakingly preserved displays use the same plastination process developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens and the technique made famous by artist Damien Hirst (replacing fluids and soluble fats with resins) allowing us to view accurate ‘cross-sections’ of the creatures.

Lorraine Thorne from The Royal Horticultural Halls said “we’re thrilled to be able to accommodate such an impressive exhibition that has its heart in teaching and sustainability.”

Naz Kabir of Culture Event Creative, says: “Our fascination with the oceans is unwavering and the chance to get up-close and hands on with these majestic creatures is an incredible experience for children and adults.

The Lawrence Hall is available to hire during school holidays for a variety of events. Capacity is 1,500 for a reception, 900 for dinner.

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The Incredible Sea Creatures comes to The Lawrence Hall – Funky Venues