Lotus Evija: World’s First All-electric Hypercar Launches at the Royal Horticultural Halls

August 2, 2019

Recently, Lotus unveiled the world’s first all-electric hypercar to over 350 VIP’s in two sessions at the Lindley Hall, Westminster.

While shrouded in secrecy the day saw 12 historical and current Lotus cars – all in Lotus yellow – drove in convoy past points of interest around London, whipping up a social media storm, before finally assembling outside the hall to the admiration of an assembled crowd.

Both the Lawrence and Lindley Hall are perfect for such secretive events due to the location, building design and accessibility. They are central but out of the way of the bustling streets of Westminster and Victoria, away from many prying eyes. Over the years Lamborghini, Renault and Maserati have all launched cars at the Halls to admiring audiences.

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Lotus Evija: World's First All-electric Hypercar Launches at the Royal Horticultural Halls - This is Funky