BMA House’s top tips to keep calm during lockdown

April 23, 2020
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We’re sure these tips by BMA House’s Venue Manager, Kat Winfield will both inspire and help keep you focused and calm during lockdown. How many of these will you start today? Share your pics with them on their Instagram page @bmahousevenue...

#1 Have a structure to your working day. Write a daily list and include plans to look after yourself, including exercise time

#2 Keep a routine – set your alarm and get ready as if you are going to work still (pyjamas allowed Fridays only!)

#3 Embrace YouTube workouts – we have seen Joe Wicks’ daily PE class but his channel has many other videos. I use The Body Coach and Davina McCall has also made Own Your Goals free for 30 days

#4 Stand! Don’t get stuck at your home desk, stand up at least every hour and get away from the screen

#5 Set up some interactive times – Friday quiz nights, movie dates and virtual book clubs are just some of the things we’re doing

#6 Take up a new hobby – Duolingo lets you learn a language on your phone. Colouring, jigsaws, knitting are all easy and cheap things to take up

#7 Let in the fresh air – it might be cold out but it’s important to get some fresh air in your house/flat. Get those windows open!

#8 Volunteer – you can do this for the NHS scheme or event just volunteer in a buddy scheme such as Stress Matters Buddies Matter scheme

The BMA House events team are still available to answer your calls/emails and would love to hear from you.

Contact them on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

Check out BMA House’s Funky Venues profile here.



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BMA House's top tips to keep calm during lockdown – Funky Venues