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Unique events at Sunbeam Studios

June 27, 2017
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Experience exciting tailor-made experiences at this dynamic London venue...

With four flexible blank-canvas spaces, they can lead the transformation into your ideal location, whether it be a carnival wonderland, a tribute to your favourite fantasy film or even a complete inflatable playground. They work with a multitude of suppliers to make your evening special, taking care of every detail, such as giant balloon displays, LED furniture or a hot-dog stand on wheels.

No event is the same; therefore, they create bespoke packages including professional lighting, food and entertainment tailor made.

Get in touch with their team today and let the party begin!

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  • Name
    Zsofia Bethlen
  • Email
  • Address

    Ladbroke Hall
    79 Barlby Road
    W10 6AZ

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Unique events at Sunbeam Studios – Funky Venues